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Seroquel is a remedy for chronic and acute psychoses treatment. Seroquel belongs to antipsychotic drugs - anxiolytics. The active drug's ingredient in comparison with dopamine D1- and D2- brain receptors shows a higher affinity for serotonin 5HT2- receptors. Seroquel showes antipsychotic activity in standard tests, but in the carried out clinical researches it showes efficiency in treatment of schizophrenia's symptoms. Indications for use: Seroquel treats and is prescribed for the following diseases: • Depressive episodes in disease of bipolar disorder's structure (treatment is usually long-termed); • Chronic and acute psychoses (also including schizophrenia). • Manic episodes in disease of bipolar disorder's structure; Dosage: Seroquel is usualy taken twice a day. At the first treatment day of chronic and acute psychoses is taken 50 mg, in the next three days the dosage should be increased to 100 mg (second day), 200 mg (third day) and 300 mg (fourth day). Hereafter the daily Seroquel dose ranges from 150 mg to 750 mg (maximum). Depressive episodes in bipolar disorder's structure treatment consists of dose of 300 mg taken once (max 600 mg). Cancelling Seroquel's appointment is carried out with caution to avoid psychotic symptoms aggravation and such emergence of involuntary movement disorders as akathisia, dyskinesia, dystonia. For elderly patients, as well as for kidney and liver failure patients is recommended starting with 25 mg of Seroquel per day and gradually increasing the dose to an effective.